Tuna Casserole

Some years ago, I recall having tuna casserole for dinner at least twice a month.  My family and I always enjoyed it.  Now it’s hard for me to recall the last time that I prepared this little tasty dish.  I’ve never been fun of using cream of mushroom soup so this recipe was perfect for…

Garlic Vinaigrette Shrimp

I am unable to eat shrimp however, I still try to prepare them for my family.  According to my family the dish was wonderful.  They enjoyed it so much that asked me to record the recipe.  Give it a try and give me your comments. 

Chicken Fried Rice

I had lunch at Benihana’s today and it reminded me of this recipe that was submitted by Rosalyn Y., one of the members on my website.  She shared her twist on Chicken Fried Rice and so did I.  It was awesome.  If you like the recipe, by all means please share it.

Mini Banana Pudding

If you have a passion for banana pudding but don’t want to over indulge, here’s a cute and clever idea.  Serve your banana pudding in  ramekins. This recipe is adapted from Nabisco Nilla Wafers Your sweetheart and family will appreciate the extra time you spent when you make them a Banana Pudding with a homemade custard.  They…

Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers

Are YouReady For Football? All of the recipes on my blog today would be great for your Super Bowl Party. SuperBowl Foods:  Stuffed JalapeñoPeppers, Green Sauce and my favorite, Southwestern Egg Rolls

Green Sauce

When you visit various restaurants for Mexican cuisine, more than likely, you will be served a green or red salsa with chips.  This is my version of the green sauce.  It yields about 5 cups in the event that you want to cut the recipe in half.   Ingredients: 8 tomatillos 4 large green tomatoes…

Southwestern Egg Rolls

Southwestern Egg Rolls Are you ready for March Madness, I am?  This is my favorite finger food. After making these a couple of times, I starting using an egg wash instead of the toothpicks, it works just as well.

Pecan and Chocolate Chip Tart

Adding chocolate chips to pecan pie filling, makes a wonderful dessert.  Give it a try, and share the recipe. Ingredients: 1/2 cup chocolate chips 1 unbaked pie shell recipe for pecan pie filling Directions: 1.     Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. 2.     Fold chocolate chips into pecan pie filling. 3.     Pour into…